Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another update

I always try to make these posts really short, but it never works. I have a feeling this is going to be another long one.

My chilli plants are starting to branch out a bit and form flowers, which makes me happy because soon I'll be able to play around with cross-pollination and things for next year's seeds, and of course, I'm one stop closer to harvesting some chillies :)

A few days ago, I was feeling bad about how much chocolate I'd eaten, so I bought a tray of melon chunks and grapes to make me feel healthier. I found a few melon seeds in it and thought I'd try planting them. I didn't really expect anything to grow, shop-bought fruit usually comes from hybrid plants that produce sterile seeds, but one of the seeds I planted popped its head up above the surface today. I doubt it will ever produce melons, I don't have the right environment/enough room in my garden to do that, but I think it's pretty cool that it's growing at all.

All of my current plants, as much as I love them, were just the test batch to see if I could create the right conditions for them inside and whatnot. The test was a success, so now it's time to start planting the real plants. I bought a few more propagators today and made sure they were small enough to fit inside my little growboxes, and I'll be planting about 100 chilli seeds tomorrow, I think.
I bought some rooting powder today, too, so I can start cloning my strongest plants and taking cuttings from nice plants that I see while I'm out and about. I'll be taking some cuttings from my auntie's strawberry plant too, as well as trying to grow some from the runners. Yay for strawberries.

I mentioned a while ago that I'm trying to convert a wardrobe into a much larger and super awesome grow box. I've ordered the things I need to get the basic stuff done (it will be upgraded a lot later on), but most of it is still waiting to be delivered. I thought it would be here today, but maybe the bank holiday and whatnot has slowed it down.

Lastly, here is a picture of my favourite plant, the completely purple, Black Hungarian chilli:


Ryan Taylor said...

where is the bud? :c

Robert said...

I'm surprised as you are that this melon grows ans so quickly too.

ben268 said...

I'm curious to see how that grow box turns out.

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