Wednesday, 2 May 2012

First flower & massive update

My first chilli flower has finally opened, and as you can see in the background, the others will be opening pretty soon :)
Fun fact: my camera sucks at focusing on the right things when taking close-up pictures. When you add to that the fact that the humidity in the greenhouse kept fogging up the lens, I'm amazed I managed to get a picture at all.

I think I'll make this update a picture-heavy update, instead of the wall of text that I usually post.
1 of the new strawberry plants that I bought from B&Q to increase my eventual harvest. I bought Elsanta, Pegasus and Cambridge Favourite. That means I now have a total of 5 strawberry plants, but I'm not sure what variety the other 2 are as I got them from my auntie's garden. Also, 1 kale.

Jalapeño forest. These are just a few of my jalapeño plants, so I should get a nice sized overall harvest.

My new batch of tomatoes. These should grow to be huge plants with huge fruits, fingers crossed.

4 of my onions, with some newly planted carrot and parsnip seeds around the outside. These onions will never grow to be huge, but that pot is bigger than it looks in the picture so they should grow pretty nicely. I have a few more onions in other pots and things, so I'll have plenty of them to eat.

My newly constructed vegetable patch thing. Simple job, just moved the gravel stuff that was there, pulled up the weed-cover stuff, dug it all over a bit and mixed in some compost and fertiliser, then added some bricks I had lying around to keep the stones out. I plan on getting rid of all of the stones and turning the whole thing into a vegetable/flower patch eventually. That little section has had a few things put in it since I took the picture and it's already feeling cramped.

The radish/carrot/parsnip bucket from an earlier post. This is after some serious thinning-out, and it's still incredibly overcrowded. I put way more seeds in than I needed. If you look carefully, you can just about see some baby carrots and parsnips, being deprived of light by the radishes. I'll do some more thinning out today.

My new water spray/mist bottle. I absolutely love it. I know it's weird to get excited about a spray bottle, but this one is so awesome compared to my last one that broke after just a few weeks. I wish I'd had this from the start, it would have made watering seedlings so much easier.

I'll save the rest of the updates (yeah, there's more) for another time, this post is too long already. If you made it this far, congratulations.


Niki said...

Well, everything looks great! Keep up the great work!

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