Wednesday, 25 April 2012

It's getting hot in here

This is a happy post :)
I finally have a greenhouse. It's nothing special, just a cheap thing from Argos, but it does the job brilliantly so far. I bought it just in time, the extension that powers the lights in the wardrobe had to be used for something else, so I needed to get my plants outside and the cold would have been too much for them.

I also harvested my first crop. It was a single, small radish, but it feels good to finally eat something that I planted.

My trays of 12 tomatoes and 12 black hungarian chillies are all up and doing great, and the tray of mixed chillies is just starting to come to life, so they're all under the lights now. I'll leave them in there for at least a month because I don't have to make room for new seedlings, I think I've got enough plants now.
As soon as I typed that, I decided I want to grow salad leaves in there, simply because the thought of going out to the dark, cold, dirty garage to get a nice, healthy salad amuses me.

I was given 2 strawberry runners a couple of days ago, so hopefully I'll be able to get them to settle in nicely and produce their own runners so I can get lots of strawberries. One of the runners I was given had hardly any root system though, and the wind today has knocked it about a bit, so it might not last very long.

To finish off, here's a picture that I took a few days ago of a few of my plants. The largest ones in the black pots have now been potted up into the bigger pots (like the plants in the back), and the smaller plants at the front have been separated into individual pots. The weather today is really cold and rainy, hopefully my plants can stay strong for a little bit longer until the sun returns.


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