Monday, 26 March 2012

Another quick update

I'm really bad at updating this blog properly. I'm supposed to be keeping track of every detail of my plant's growth, but I always forget.
I've just separated and repotted all of the bigger chilli plants, so now I don't have to kill off the weaker ones, yay :)
I've also repotted some of the peas, cucumbers and radishes that were in fibre pots, because their roots had started to poke holes in the pots.
Lastly, the yellow bucket with radishes, carrots and parsnips is showing signs of life. Lots of radishes have sprouted, hopefully the carrots and parsnips will be up soon.

Boom, updated.


Harrison Fleetwood said...

I'm useless at keeping my blog updated as well.

Luigi Man said...

don't worry you'll get use to it ;)

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