Saturday, 24 March 2012

What a difference a week makes

It's been a while since I last posted pictures of my chilli plants, and this whole blog is supposed to be about keeping track of my plants' progress, so I think it's time for an update.

That picture on the left shows two jalapeño plants at about 10-15 days old. As you can see, one of them is extremely crooked. I thought it was about time to kill off the weaker plants from the pots with multiple seedlings in, but I wanted to do an experiment first.
I read that you can pinch plant stems so they break slightly, and the broken section will heal and be even stronger and better than before.
The experiment seems to have worked, that particular plant was way behind most of the others, but it's very quickly catching up. It will still have to be killed though, neither of those plants will grow happily if they have to live so close together.

Here's a picture of my chilli plants from just a week ago to show you how quickly they're growing now.

I've bought some more seeds (I think I've developed a seed buying addiction). They're chillies again, but they look so awesome, they're black chillies :) Check them out here on Amazon. I think I should point out how amazing the seller was. I ordered the seeds one afternoon, and they came not the next morning, but the morning after, which was pretty awesome considering it was free delivery. They came in a padded envelope to keep them protected, with a business card in case I need to contact the seller, a nice little packet inside with pictures of the chillies and instructions on how to grow them. The receipt thing even had a hand written thank you on it, with a phone number to ring if I want help with my seeds.
Best customer service I've ever experienced.


teganwilson said...

Looking good man.

Niki said...

Those little chilli plants look great! Congratulations!

Daniel said...

Thanks :)
They've been put into separate pots now so they can grow happily without having to fight with each other over who gets the nutrients and things.
The new, larger pots take up all of the room in my growbox though, so none of the smaller pots can fit in :( I'll have to hurry up and finish the new growbox.

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