Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Quick peek into my box

I'm still waiting for a few things to be delivered, so I can't get back to working on the growdrobe or any of my outdoor planting plans yet :(
So this is just a quick post to show what's going on in my mini box right now. I did have peas and things in there, but they've all been moved outside, so now it's full of chillies and 1 cucumber plant (the plant closest to the camera).

I'm really happy with that box actually, the plants seem to like it and it's really good for germinating seeds (look at the back of the picture, there's some new chillies just coming up). Hopefully I can get my growdrobe sorted soon. I need to move these chillies out of the little box really soon, they're getting too big.

As for the outdoor plants, the bucket of carrots, parsnips and radishes is doing pretty good, despite being regularly attacked by my dog. The radishes have been up for a few days now, and the carrots have just popped their heads up today. No sign of the parsnips yet.
I have another one of those yellow buckets which I will be growing potatoes in as soon as the seed potatoes get here (in a couple of days, hopefully).

Lastly, here's a picture of the grow box that was taken on the 22nd of March to show how much the plants have grown since then:


Freshy said...

Well I had plant once. It really takes time, but can be hobby. You can get lots of expierience ;)

Ryan Taylor said...

I am pretty fucking jealous that you have gotten anything to grow.

CoolShirts said...

wow thats pretty freaking cool

Robert said...

Are there no way to keep your dog out of the plants? :)

Romaks said...

original idea man

Daniel said...

Thanks everyone :)
I'll have a new post up tomorrow hopefully showing my favourite little seedlings, they're completely purple which I think is pretty awesome.

@Robert - I've managed to get all of my ground-level pots out of the dog's reach now, but they're balancing on a wall and I have to keep an eye on them when it gets windy

BeaneR said...

Nice, do you have any special veggies growing? haha jk

Daniel said...

@BeaneR - I'm planting them in a few weeks, all of this stuff has been practice for the special ones :)

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