Sunday, 26 February 2012

And so it begins

I decided to buy a few seeds and other things from a local shop while I waited for my chilli seeds to be delivered. I bought some cucumber, dwarf tomato and radish seeds, a cheap little propagator, some cheap compost and some miracle-gro compost (to mix with the cheap stuff to give it a little boost).

The propagator has 24 cells, so I decided to use half of it for those seeds and save the other half for my first batch of chillies. I made an oopsie though. After I filled up the 12 cells, I went to put the propagator on my bed while I sorted out a warm place to keep it, and I dropped it, covering my bed in compost and mixing up all of the seeds :(
I picked out all of the seeds that I could find, replanted them and whatnot, but I must have missed a few as some of the cells now have multiple stems coming up.

A little tip for people that don't have heated propagators or an airing cupboard to keep it warm: I put mine on top of a laptop charger and covered the whole thing with a towel to keep some of the heat trapped in. It seems to be doing a great job, I have 7 germinated seeds just 3 or 4 days after planting, whereas my sister's propagator has produced absolutely nothing so far.
I will be upgrading slightly in a few days though, I'm planning on ordering a heat mat to place under the propagator as soon as I get the money for it.

My chilli seeds have arrived now, so I'll have some more posts coming up in the next few days which will show me testing out two methods of germination (wet paper towel/straight into soil) for chilli seeds, some basic propagators that I've made out of water bottles, and the beginnings of my attempt at making an indoor growing box, complete with lighting, air filters and automatic feeding systems.


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