Thursday, 16 February 2012

Buying my first seeds

I'll be buying my seeds from Amazon, as they're a trusted website with a great review system to let me know which seeds are worth buying.
This is the first set of seeds I'm going to buy:

This seed set includes 15 Jalapeño seeds, 15 Hungarian Hot Wax seeds, 15 Habanero seeds and 15 Ring O Fire.
This is a great set to start off with as it has the Jalapeño peppers that I love, with some interesting new peppers for me to try. It's also apparently fairly easy to grow in the UK under the right conditions.

I'm also considering buying Bhut Jolokia seeds, just to see if me and my family and friends can handle the chilli that once held the title of World's Hottest Chilli Pepper, and Piri Piri/Peri Peri seeds, because I love it in sauces and on chicken.


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